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Vegetarian & Vegan


Please inform our friendly team of any dietary requirements when ordering.
Vegetarian Starters
Homemade soup                                            £4.75
With warm crusty bread & butter
Cheese garlic bread                                               £3.75
ppered mushroom                                            £5.50
Homemade creamy pepper sauce & garlic bread for dipping.
Stilton mushroom                                                  £5.75
Creamy blue stilton homemade sauce served with garlic bread
Halloumi Special                                                    £5.95
Fresh mushrooms and pepper sauce, served over garlic bread
Deep fried halloumi                                              £4.95
Served with salad & BBQ sauce
Calamari                                                                  £5.50
Breaded calamari rings, salad & mint dip
Salt & pepper squid                                                           £5.50
With sauté onions & sweet chilli sauce          
Fish goujons                                                           £5.25
Fish strips with batter served with salad & sweet chilli sauce
Prawn Cocktail                                               £5.75
Freshwater prawns dressed with Marie rose sauce, and brown bread

Vegan Starters

Homemade soup                                               £4.75
With warm crusty bread & butter

Garlic bread                                                               £3.50
Cheese garlic bread                                                  £3.75
with grilled cheese
Fried mushroom                                                       £5.25
served on garlic bread.
Homemade onion rings                                          £3.25
Served with mint dip
Breaded mushrooms                                       £4.95
served with garlic dip
Meatball italian                                                  £5.95
plant meatballs in a Italian herb & tomato sauce with grilled cheese
Cauliflower florets                                            £4.25
In a crispy batter seved with garlic dip (diff flavours
Mushroom delight                                             £5.25
Fried garlic mushrooms & onions covered with grilled cheese
Vegetarian MAINS
Additional  fish dishes on main menu
Fish & chips                                                                 £10.25
Beer battered white fish with peas, & homemade chips

Fresh Veg Curry of the day                                     £9.95
Served with salad, naan bread rice OR chips

Battered cheesey fish                                                £9.75
Beer battered Halloumi  cheese, peas, & salad

Veg Sweet chilli                                                          £10.25
Sweet spicy sauce. Served with chips OR rice & bead.

Homemade veg Chilli                                               £10.25
Cooked in a spicey sauce with salad, naan bread rice OR chips

Homemade spag bolognaise                                          £9.95
In a tomato & herb bolognaise sauce  served with pasta strips

Veg Sausage, egg & chips                                           £9.25
Homemade Lasagne                                                  £10.25
Served with fresh salad & garlic bread

Roast dinner                                                                   £9.25
Served with all trimmings & vegetables

Vegan Mains
Roast dinner                                                                                        £9.25
Served with sausage and all trimmings & vegetables

Sausage, veg & chips                                                      

Homemade spaghetti bolognaise
Fresh vegetables in a tomato & herb bolognaise sauce  served with pasta strips

Meatball Italian                                                                 £9.95
plant meatballs in a Italian herb & tomato sauce with or with out
 grilled cheese

Fresh Veg Curry of the day                                            £9.95
Served with salad, garlic  bread rice OR chips

Sweet chilli                                                                     

Fresh veg cooked in a sweet spicy sauce. Served with chips OR rice & garlic bread.
Pasta Dishes of the day                                                  £9.95
Ask for toay's choices

Cauliflower florets                                                            £9.25
In a crispy batter seved with potato of the day & veg or salad, different
flavour available

Mushroom delight                                                            £9.25
Fresh garlic  mushrooms  & onion covered with grilled cheese,
homemade chips , salad or veg



All served with side salad & homemade chips

Cheeseburger        Battered haloumi
Sausage Barm       Cheese & onion
Salad Cheese & tomato


Served with peas or beans & chips
Sausage & chips
Fish strips 
Egg & chips
Ice cream    £1.75

Jackets    £4.75
         Served with fresh salad. Extra toppings 75p

Tuna mayo
Prawn rose sauce
Cheese & onion


Served with cream, ice cream or custard

Choc & orange cake
Luxury fudge cake (VEGAN OPTION)
Sticky toffee Pudding (VEGAN OPTIONS)
Lemon luxury cheesecake  (VEGAN OPTION)
Apple Pie   

If you are not completely satisfied with your meal or service, please bring it to the attention of our friendly staff right away, so we may be given the opportunity to resolve any issues you may have.