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Chicken Dishes

Chicken melt

Fresh chicken breast layered with back bacon & topped with grilled

cheese, a side order of BBQ sauce, and hand cut chips

Cajun chicken

Marinated in Cajun spices, served with fresh salad & hand cut chips.

Try it with grilled cheese for £1.50 extra

Salt & pepper chicken

Cooked in garlic butter & salt & pepper with salad & hand cut chips.


Served with veg, salad or marrow peas & hand cut chips

Roast chicken

Served with stuffing or yorkie

Hunters chicken

Beer battered chicken breast with tomato & basil & grilled cheese

Peppered chicken

Fresh chicken breast served in our creamy pepper sauce

Stilton chicken

Chicken breast in a rich creamy stilton & mushroom sauce

Fish dishes

Beer battered fish

Homemade crispy beer batter with fluffy white boneless fish served

with marrowfat peas, tomato, lemon & home made chips

Deep fried scampi

with salad, marrowfat peas, lemon and home made chips

King prawns, chorizo

Pan fried with mushrooms in garlic butter, served with salad,

lemon and a bowl of home made chips

Fresh Salmon

Large portion of steam baked salmon in herbs & butter,

served with peas & home made chips

Spicy fresh Salmon

Salmon with a kick, Cajun spices, herbs & butter,

served with peas & home made chips

Pub classics

Brown cow pie

Tender steak with short crust pastry served with fresh vegetables,

or marrowfat peas and home made chips

Steak & kidney pudding

A large proper suet case filled with steak & kidney, served with vegetables

or marrowfat peas and home made chips

Liver, bacon & onions

Lambs liver pan fried with onions, bacon & gravy, vegetables or

marrowfat peas and hand cut chips

Roast of the day

Served with all the trimmings

Spaghetti bolognaise

Minced beef in a tomato & herb bolognaise sauce served with pasta strips & side of cheese


Cooked with layers of pasta filled with mince & topped with a

cheese sauce & lightly grilled, served with fresh salad, chipd or garlic bread

Freshly prepared sauces

Curry                             Sides

Creamy pepper           Homemade chips

Sweet chilli                Fresh vegetables

Stilton                                         Meat gravy

Meat gravy                     Salad bowl

Salt & pepper upgrade        Vegetable gravy

Cheese upgrade               Fried mushrooms

From the Grill

Specialís board


Cooked to your requirements, vegetables or salad & hand cut chip

selection of todayís tasty steaks

Served plain with onion rings

Or add toppings for £1.95 extra

Peppered creamy homemade pepper sauce & fresh mushroom

Stilton creamy blue cheese sauce & fresh mushroom

Steak melt fresh mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese

Fried mushrooms & onions



12oz quality gammon with 2 eggs or pineapple, peas & chips

Gammon melt

12oz gammon with pineapple & melted cheese, peas & chips

Hot or Spicy

Curry of the day

Served with salad, nann bread rice or chips

Chilli con carne

Mince & beans in a chilli sauce

Sweet chilli chicken

Fresh chicken cooked in a sweet hot & spicy sauce.

Served with chips or rice & nann bread.

Smaller Choice

Fish & chips

Crispy beer battered cod, served with tomato, lemon, peas& chips

Prime Gammon

With egg or pineapple, marrowfat peas, tomato, lemon & hips

Roast dinner

Roast of the day served with trimmings & vegetables

Chicken curry

A medium curry served with rice or chips & nann bread

Deep fried scampi

Served with salad, marrowfat peas & lemon and hand cut chips

Quick snacks

Chips & bits

Chopped back bacon and melted cheese grilled over a bowl of chips

Chips& bits (v)

Chopped mushrooms and melted cheese grilled over a bowl of chips

Salt & pepper chips

Smaller choices

                          All served with peas, beans or veg & chips

Battered chicken nuggets, Egg & chips,

Fish strips, Burger & chips,

Sausage & chips


                            Served with fresh salad. Extra toppings 75p

                                Tuna mayo, Prawn, Mushroom,

                              Chicken, Beans, Cheese, Bacon

Baguettes & sandwiches

                                   Served with salad and hand cut chips

Extra toppings 75p extra

Roast Beef

Cheese & onion


Sweet chilli


Tuna mayo



Pepper beef

Pepper chicken

American style sandwich

Layer of roast beef over bread drenched in a meaty gravy

English style sanwich

Roast beef on yorkshire puddings covered with a tasty meat gravy

Steak Barm

10oz. sirloin steak & fried onions served with salad and home-made chips


All burgers served with salad & chips

Cheese burger

6oz burger with cheddar cheese

Stilton Burger

6oz burger on salad, topped with blue cheese

Beer battered burger

6oz burger deep fried in a crispy beer batter and topped

with cheddar cheese

Double bacon burger

6oz burger with 2 slices of back bacon, and cheddar cheese

Nevison Mega burger

2 x 6oz burgers with lettuce, tomato, 3 x cheddar

cheese slices, and 2 back bacon

Battered chicken burger

Chicken breast in our beer batter served on a bun with

cheddar cheese slice

        Hot Beverages






Hot chocolate

Spirit coffee



Fried halloumi cheese

Served with salad & BBQ dip(v)

Halloumi special

Served over garlic bread with fresh mushrooms and pepper sauce

Peppered mushrooms

Homemade creamy pepper sauce & garlic bread for dipping

Stilton mushroom

In a creamy blue stilton sauce served with garlic bread

Cheese garlic bread

Garlic bread covered with green pesto, cheese and grilled

Onion Rings

Served with mint dip

Salt & pepper chips

Cooked in garlic butter and salt & pepper

Chips & dips

Homemade chips with fresh mushrooms and grilled cheese


Curry of the day

Curry of the day with fresh market vegetables, mushrooms served with nann bread, chips or rice

Veggie fish & chips

Beer battered halloumi cheese, with peas, homemade chips & salad

Veggie Sweet chilli

mushrooms and vegetables in a sweet sauce, served with rice or chips & nann bread

Chilli no carne

Served with salad & rice or chips & nann bread

Spaghetti bolognaise

Fresh vegetables & mushrooms in a tomato bolognaise sauce

Sausage, egg & chips

Sausages & fresh homemade chips served with fried eggs

Bangers & Mash

With fried onions and gravy


Layers of pasta with fresh vegetables, topped with a cheese

sauce & grilled, served with fresh salad and garlic bread

Cheese burger

Vegetarian burger topped with cheese over a salad base in a bun

                      Jacket Potato

served with salad and filling


Served with salad & filling with hand cut chips

                         Fish dishes available

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