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To Begin
(v) suitable for vegetarians
                          Peppered mushrooms                             
Our gorgeous homemade creamy 3 pepper sauce, pan fried with fresh mushrooms with garlic bread for dipping
                                                          Prawn salad (v)                                       
Cold water prawns, served on mixed salad, with crusty bread & Rose Marie sauce
                                                            Soup of the day                                       
Homemade soup served with crusty bread & butter
         Cheese & bacon garlic bread                
Strips of bacon covered with cheese and grilled
                                            Cheese garlic bread (v)                          
Garlic bread covered with cheese and grilled
Stacked peppered black pudding         
Layers of bacon & black pudding, covered with our creamy 3 pepper sauce
                                    Fish cakes                                               
2 fish cakes served on salad with a sweet chilli dip
                        Stilton mushroom (v)                              
Fresh mushrooms  with our creamy stilton sauce served with garlic bread to dip
           Deep fried halloumi cheese (v)              
Served with salad & BBQ sauce
        Deep fried, served with salad & mint dip              
                                            Halloumi special                 

Grilled cheese on garlic bread covered with fried mushrooms and pepper sauce

Fish Goujons
Served with salad and swt chilli dip

Side Orders
Onion rings                            Garlic Bread
Homemade chips                    Fresh vegetables
Meat gravy                              Vegetable gravy
Fried mushrooms                   Salad bowl
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